Fraud Prevention powered by
Collective intelligence

Think about the most recent person who committed fraud against your company. Is this their first time? How did you discover their fraudulent activity? Did you catch the person? Could you retrieve the stolen funds?

Now, think about that person going over to another website and attempting to commit the same type of fraud. Except this time, the system flags him because your companies are both connected to Oblark API infrastructure. So, the second business prevented his attempted fraudulent activity.

Whether you are competitors or not, isn’t it great to think about stopping that criminal and preventing more fraud from occurring in our marketplace?

Collective intelligence Fraud Prevention

With Oblark API, you can....

Know which device to trust

The ability to uniquely identify a specific computer can prove advantageous in the fight against fraud.

Which customer to trust

Use online and offline data to get the most accurate view of a consumer’s identity, behavior and reputation.

Anomaly detection

Find patterns in data that depart significantly from expected behaviour quickly and with certainty

Get fraud update

Get firsthand knowledge of the newly deployed tricks fraudsters are using to attack businesses.

Early warning

Get notifications from other vendors/businesses in your market segment.

Flag customer

Notify other vendors/businesses in your eco-system

Protect your business from fraudsters with easy

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